Improved biomed support has been identified as priority area by local needs assessments in Uganda.  In addition to frank shortages of equipment, inadequate maintenance and inappropriate donations also pose challenges in Uganda as in many other resource-poor settings.

When GPAS formed in 2007, there were no formal training programs for biomedical engineers (BME) or biomedical engineer technicians (BMET) and only a handful of BME or BMETs in Uganda.

Through partnerships with Kyambogo University, Amalthea Trust and numerous biomedical engineers from collaborating institutions the first BMET program in Uganda was opened in 2011.

In 2014, we have worked closely with Mulago Hospital to provide employment and career development support for BMETs who have recently graduated from Kyambogo.


Current and past projects include:

  • GPAS-Mulago BMET Scholar Position
  • Promotion of WHO donation guidelines at Mulago
  • Creation and maintenance of biomedical support room for Mulago operating theatres
  • Creation of the first¬† biomedical engineer technician training program in Uganda (Kyambogo University)
  • Working to coordinate support to Mulago offered by visiting biomed engineers
  • Biomed inventory and needs assessments at Mulago
  • Collaborating with BMET and BME programs in East Africa