Kampala Advanced Trauma Course

    Kampala Advanced Trauma Course (KATC)

Trauma affects a substantial proportion of patients presenting to Mulago Hospital, and up until 2007, formal training for healthcare care providers in advanced trauma care was critically lacking in Uganda.

In 2007, GPAS collaborators designed an advanced trauma training curriculum tailored to resource-constrained settings, like Uganda. The original course was taught by UCSF and Makerere Faculty and since has been taught annually by GPAS Senior Scholars and Mulago Faculty for all anesthesia and surgery Masters of Medicine trainees at Mulago Hospital. In 2015-16 the course was offered at regional referral hospitals with the plan to scale training to all 14 regional referral hospital and health centre IVs in the next 3 years. The course has been offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generous support of the Laura Case Trust. Currently we are fundraising to scale up a train-the-trainers course as well as a formal evaluation of course impact.

Below are the core curriculum modules, as well as links to other trauma training courses (WHO, PTC) designed for use in resource constrained environments. Pre- and post course tests are also available for the KATC.

If you are interested in providing KATC training at your institution, please let us know how we can help (partners AT globalsurgery.org).


    WHO Emergency and Trauma Care Modules

For more information, please visit the Emergency and essential surgical care website.

Table of contents and acknowledgements
pdf, 429kb

Module 1: Principles and Techniques of Trauma Care
pdf, 2.01Mb

Module 3: System Specific Trauma
pdf, 3.30Mb

Module 5: Surgical Care System
pdf, 439kb

Suggested Timetable
pdf, 564kb

Module 2: Basic Surgical Skills
pdf, 3.01Mb

Module 4: Practical Anaesthetic Care
pdf, 702kb

Facilitator’s Guide
pdf, 502kb


    Primary Trauma Care (PTC) Foundation Course

For more information, please visit the PTC website.

PTC Manual (English)

The manual is also available in the following languages:

Arabic Chinese Español Farsi
Français Indonesian Mongolian Nepalese
Portuguese Vietnamese

For access to the PTC Instructor Manual and also slides for both the Foundation & Instructors PTC Courses contact PTCF directly.